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WooCommerce User Roles

WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, provides several user roles with different access levels and responsibilities. The default user roles available in WooCommerce are:

  • Shop Manager: The Shop Manager has full control over the online store, including managing orders, products, coupons, reports, and settings. They can also create and manage other user accounts with restricted access.
  • Customer: The Customer is a registered user who can purchase products, view their order history, and manage their account details.
  • Subscriber: The Subscriber can only view products on the website and manage their own user profile. They cannot purchase any products or perform any other actions on the website.

WooCommerce also allows users to create custom roles with specific capabilities using plugins or code. For example, a custom role can be created for a staff member who can process orders and refunds but does not have access to other settings or reports.