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My Google Map isn’t working

If your Google Map isn’t working, it can be for a number of reasons, but the most common are detailed below.

Something went wrong…

Google Maps - Oops! Something went wrong

This can usually be caused by your map not having a valid API key. Once a new key has been created and added to the site, the map will start working again.

For development purposes only

Google Maps - For Development Purposes only

This error is usually due to the map having a correct and valid API key, but the associated billing account has been removed or the payment card used during the setup process has expired.

Once the billing account has been re-activated with the correct details, the map will start loading correctly.

You will receive 200,000 free credits per month for loading maps, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll go over this limit under normal usage. The Google Maps API just requires a valid billing method set up on the account.

How to fix these issues

Due to Google’s API setup, the API key and billing account need to be linked to the company, not the agency. We have put together a guide on how to set up a Google Maps API key and link a valid billing account to it, as well as detailing which APIs need to be enabled for your map to work.

Please open a support ticket and ask for the Google Maps API document to set up your API key or resolve your billing issues.